For the last 15 to 21 years the CTSMA Public Policy Committee has worked tirelessly to change the laws in Connecticut and nationally to recognize the value of the CMA(AAMA). We have made gains nationally with Meaningful Use but we still struggle in Connecticut to be able to practice to the full scope of our profession. Each year we get closer and closer to reach our goal of being able to give vaccinations in the State of Connecticut. For more information regarding CTSMA Public Policy or CT Legislation, please contact CTSMA Public Policy Chair Holly Martin, CMA(AAMA) at


CTSMA Public Policy & Legislation


Send your letters to your representatives TODAY!

Keep sending those letters, ask your physicians, APRNs, PAs to send letters emphasizing on how the passing of this bill will impact health access, quality of care and better access to the under served in our comunities.

2019 Bill No. 6943 - Click here to read the bill
Submitted testimonies:
Don Balasa, JD, MBA CEO AAMA- Click to read

CTSMA- Click to read

2/2020 HB Bill No.5094-

Bill 285 Passed on the Healthcare Committee 23 yea- 10 Nay

Online voting was held on 2/22/2021

**** I M P O R T A N T ****
What now? Each of you should write to your representative and senators. Tell them you want this bill called on the floor of the house and senate. Also email the governonr and speaker of the house Ritter as well as Marty Looney in the senate.

It is up to us to make our voices heard. Do it for our profession, we've waited over 20 years for this to pass. I think it is time. It is on your hands now.