"Doctors diagnose, nurses heal,

and caregivers make sense of it all". ~ Brett H. Lewis  


As medical assistants we care for multiple people per day. We see them, hear their complaints and give the instructions and education the doctor has asked us to give.  We strive to be as good as we can, as friendly as we can and as accurate as we can. Once the day is over we can turn that off and we can now be ourselves, the friend, the parent, the spouse.

However when we are caregivers the role is 24/7. We cant turn off the kindness, the caring, the love. Taking time to rest and recharge is as important as you dedication to that person you are caring for and you must take time to do this if you are to be successful at caregiving. 

You will make a difference everyday with every little thing you take care of, but dont for get about yourself. It is not selfish to think about your health while you are in the caregiver role. 

This all applies to your daily job as a medical assitant so please take time to recharge then you can be the best you and give the best of you.

Be good, kind and understanding of one another

Best Regards, 

Rebecca V. ParryCMA (AAMA)