About the CTSMA


The Connecticut Society of Medical Assistant is the state society to the American Association of Medical Assistants. Our society is a two tier society consisting of an Executive Board and state society members. The Executive Board is elected annuallyby all members during our State Educational Conference held in the Spring. All Connecticut members of the AAMA have a vote in our society.To learn more about our organizational structure click on the bylaws icon below. To find out how you can become a member of the American Association of Medical Assistants click on "Join Now" at the bottom of the page.


Board of Directors
3 Year Term


Noelle Joslyn, CMA (AAMA)


Board of Directors
1 Year Term

E-mail: csmabod@ctsma.org


Rebecca Rivera, CMA (AAMA)




Roxanne Sealing, CMA (AAMA)


Board of Directors
2 Year Term

Vice President


Tabitha Opie, CMA (AAMA)

E-mail: csmavp@ctsma.org

Jennifer Ortiz, CMA (AAMA)


Susan Kloss, CMA (AAMA)


Immediate Past President

Jennifer Amaral, CMA (AAMA)

CTSMA Committees


Nominating Committee

Chair- Jennifer Amaral, CMA (AAMA)csmapastpresident@ctsma.org
Holly B. Martin, CMA (AAMA)
Kris Savinggny CMA (AAMA)
Jane O;Grady, CMA (AAMA)
Bylaws Committee
Chair- Jennifer Amaral, CMA (AAMA) - csmapastpresident@ctsma.org
Marketing & Membership
Website & Social Media
Co-Chair Wendy Carros, CMA (AAMA) - CTSocietyAAMA@ctsma.org
Co-Chair Noelle Joslyn, CMA (AAMA)CTSocietyAAMA@ctsma.org
Public Policy
Chair Holly Martin, CMA (AAMA) -  ctsmapublicpolicy@gmail.com
Tabitha Opie CMA (AAMA)
Continuing Education
Chair Rebecca Rivera, CMA (AAMA) -   ceuprograms@ctsma.org
Co-Chair Susan Kloss, CMA (AAMA) -  ceuprograms@ctsma.org

2019-2020 Executive Board